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R School

April 18-21, 2017, Grodno (Belarus)

Aims of the course
The software environment R is not only one of the most important computing environments in statistics, but also in many other areas it became the standard computing tool. Nowadays, R is taught in various courses at universities, or it is used for statistical computations in practice. Often, however, people do not have knowledge about using R for more advanced tasks, like parallel computing, advanced graphics, reporting with R, etc. The goal of this R School is to learn more about these features of R, that will be of great help for analyzing more complex data, as we find them nowadays in many fields.

About the R School
This R School is intended for students and PhD students, and for lecturers at universities. Participants are expected to have a background in statistics and interest in statistical computing. This event is supported by the OeAD (Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research) through the IMPULSE program CDAMCSS (Computer Data Analysis and Modeling for Complex Stochastic Systems), and the World Bank Trust Funds for Statistical Capacity Building (WBTFSCB) – through an application of the IASC (International Association for Statistical Computing).

Organizing committee

Invited lecturers:

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Additional Supporters:

Vienna University of TechnologyUNIDO